Questions you need to ask your IELTS coach before you join


Going abroad for studies or immigration has been a long-time trend in the Middle East and Asian countries. We want to get good opportunities in our lives and raise our living standards by going to developed countries like Canada, Australia, England and more.


People are in queue to move ahead and make sure they get their chance for a better life. You either want to immigrate or study abroad, however, all your qualifications and work experience are not going to help your application move forward without a good IELTS score. It all boils down to your result with sufficient bands scores which in most cases is 7+

Listening 8
Reading 7
Writing 7
Speaking 7

Not having sufficient score means you are in a big pool of candidates facing longer wait times for immigration and lesser chances for you to bypass others who have more points than you. All because their IELTS score are most likely better than yours.

Nevertheless, when your career depends on the right choices and you do not want to miss out on good opportunities, it is important that you select the right IELTS tutor who is well aware of how to achieve good scores. Students often waste their time and money on coaching institutions that do not have tutors who are qualified in IELTS. This is a big drawback as an untrained tutor who has not appeared for the IELTS exam may not be able to impart essential knowledge to the students himself/herself. They do not know the anxiety of a realtime IELTS exam and how they themselves can perform and score under such a situation. 

It is up to the students to find this out themselves whether their tutor is qualified in IELTS and if they are fit to teach them.

Here are a few things you need to ask your coach before you join

Has the Coach himself/herself given IELTS exam?
What are their scores/bands?
Request to see a copy of their IELTS certificate.

Simple questions as such can help aspirants select a qualified tutor for themselves. This can be timesaving and effective as a qualified coach can impart important knowledge and instructions which can be a stepping stone to achieve good bands that will add to your immigration/student application.

At IELTS8777 we have IELTS qualified tutors who have scored 8+ in IELTS and guide aspirants in achieving their desired results. With unique and tested teaching methods, we focus on improvising candidates’ overall abilities and enable them to perform exceptionally well in their IELTS exam.


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