Know these things before you book your IELTS date


Many aspirants want to take test dates and want to be done with their exams due to responsibilities or occasions that peep in their schedules. However, you are not giving the exam for the sake of giving it but you actually need to score exceptionally well in your exam which can add points to your immigration/student visa application.


Not knowing essential factors can actually affect your bands to a considerable extent which can lead to dissatisfying scores and landing you in a situation to take the IELTS exam again. 


1) You only get to choose test date for Listening, Reading, Writing. Whereas, your Speaking test can be 7 days before or after your selected test date. Date selection for Speaking is not in your control and hence don’t plan anything in the period of 7 days before and 7 days after your actual selected exam date.


2) It is crucial that you do not miss your IELTS classes in the time frame of a month from your test date. Every session is important and you may not know what you missed until you have an unsatisfying result.


3) Keep a track of your test scores and revise old test papers where you did not score sufficient marks; redo those test papers and see if you are able to dodge the previous mistakes in your new attempt. 


4) Look into notes that you have prepared. We all make mistakes and one of the best ways to come over such petty issues is to be aware; jot down the loopholes that you are more likely to fall into and understand those tricky questions that lead you astray from the correct answers.


5) Check recent writing topics that have been asked in the last couple of IELTS exams. You should write on those topics and show them to your coach for improvisation and rectifying errors that you might have made.


6) Last but not least, stick to guru mantra and follow the guidelines of your IELTS coach. You will see tons of unfiltered information online but sticking to the core rules is the master key to crack IELTS.


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