How To Crack IELTS With 8777?


Milling of IELTS aspirants are facing severities and lacks confidence while taking IELTS, they’re all looking for shortcuts, free advice and a method to score 7+ bands; A formula that can help them bypass tricky situations. Students often find it tough to get correct answers in YES/ No/NOT GIVEN in Reading, Maps in Listening, Writing-Essays, and appearing confidently in Speaking exam.


It’s best that you are well-prepared because you don’t want to spend lots of time and money in attempting IELTS over and over again to get the required bands. Moreover, this will make your visa process delayed, leaving you agitated about being stuck in a time loop that seems never-ending.


The elixir of scoring 8777 bands in IELTS exists and here is what you need to know about it

1) Having the right mindset

Students often either overestimate or underestimate themselves due to which they get too curious or overconfident making them more vulnerable to commit mistakes. You need to be in the moment with your full focus on the questions and avoid distractions. Understand the questions and give your tests with full confidence and attention, even if it’s a mock test that you are attempting at your home or a coaching institute. You are not only training yourself in the English language but also on how you act aptly during the actual examination.

2) Practice practice and practice

You may have equipped yourself with all the theoretical knowledge and tons of material (physical and digital), they are still not enough to sail you through to acquire adequate results unless you practice and engrave the right methods and qualities. Just because you own a book does not mean that you know what’s in it. So start practising daily, get your results checked by an expert IELTS mentor, try to be with a better bunch of students, and a qualified coach who can help you grow. Random free tips and tricks are good but a designed teaching method is a more potent and time-saving way to get to  8777.

3) Keep an eye on your weekly test scores

Keep a track of your test scores with dates. While your exam date nears, try to give re-tests of papers where you underscored and see if you can perform better. Make notes of the loopholes and see if you can avoid them in your re-tests. This is an effective way to gauge your progress and verify if you are actually learning from your errors; this is mostly concerned with Listening and Reading. As far as your Writing and Speaking is concerned, your mentor will be the best person to guide you.


4) Finding the right coach is the KEY

Students often feel that they want to study on their own and get more lenient on resources like e-books and youtube videos. However, none of them will point out your mistakes or improvise efficiency as effectively as a qualified coach. You need a person who knows IELTS and has experience in teaching. We believe that its best to study under a coach who has appeared in the IELTS exam, scored 8+ bands themselves and has good experience in teaching.


At IELTS 8777 we have a set of selected and qualified tutors who have appeared in the IELTS and have scored 8+. This ensures our students that they are under the best guidance and are being steered in the right direction. With tested teaching methods and personal attention, we have many students who have set an example of passing out with groundbreaking scores.


Connect with us to start your IELTS journey today. We offer customized online training programs through our one to one sessions for students who are serious to pass with 7+ bands.


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