Cracking IELTS to Immigrate Abroad


With the recent trends and pandemic of COVID-19 several opportunities will open for aspirants who wish to migrate to countries like Canada / Australia / New Zealand and more. Job opportunities in developing countries have taken a big hit and moving abroad seems to be the best option for skilled aspirants.


You might be one of these millions who aim to give a shot at immigration for yourself and your family. Who wouldn’t? with good job opportunities, better pay, healthcare, education, and the pace of development in the countries abroad, it is indeed a good move.


Nevertheless, there are several things to do before you even plan to begin and although you may ace in all the fields like age, qualifications, work experience and more, there is one thing that stands in your way which can define the ultimatum of your immigration application points and that is your IELTS score.


Your bands in IELTS can be a turning factor for your application as without a specific CLB score you cannot reach a pool of people who are more desirable candidates for selection. To meet the minimum desired criteria and reach the pool of favorable candidates, the minimum required result which in most cases is Listening 8, Reading 7, Writing 7 and, Speaking 7 needs to be achieved.


There are aspirants who want to join classes and attend lectures to understand more about IELTS. Unfortunately, due to safety measures, daily professional and personal life it leaves little to no time to attend any coaching institute. Such factors are keeping millions of students/professionals locked in their offices and homes with no guidelines on how to approach the IELTS exam effectively. You may be one of many who are stuck in the never-ending loop of preparing and appearing for the IELTS exam. One of the key reasons behind this is practicing solo or under a coach who has not taken an IELTS exam himself.


At IELTS8777 we only have tutors who have appeared in IELTS and scored 8+ bands. It is simple, any coach who teaches students needs to lead through example by cracking IELTS with 8+ bands himself. This will assure students of their coaches’ ability to guide them and achieve their desired scores.


It can be frustrating for several aspirants who are well acquainted with the English language and yet they are in the loop of giving back to back attempts due to unsatisfying results. Hence, it is necessary to understand what the IELTS test takers demand. All the minute details matter to get to the high score and this can only be taught by a coach who has achieved good bands in IELTS themselves.

At IELTS 8777 we understand the time constraints and provide both face to face as well as online coaching which can help aspirants overcome the burden of going to a physical class and assist them where they are. We have batches where we connect with students and prepare them to give the IELTS exam in a confident way which can produce effective results.


Connect with us to start your IELTS journey today. We offer customized online training programs through our one to one sessions for students who are serious to pass with 7+ bands.


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