Answer to Nike’s Vaporfly reading passage


Link to reading passage:

Time: 25 mins


Choose  no more than TWO WORDS and/or a numeric(s) from the text for each answer:


  • 1. Vaporfly provided ________ more energy to runners as compared to other brands. 
  • 2. Puzey stated that wearing any other shoes than Vaporfly during the race day was like driving a ______.
  • 3. ______  blacked-out Nike logo on shoes during 2019 Dublin marathon.
  • 4. Independent research concluded that Vaporfly improves running capacity up to _______ as compared to Adidas Adizero Adios 3 Shoes. 
  • 5.  ________ version of Nike’s Vaporfly will give runners a similar experience.
  • 6. The secret of Vaporfly is in their __________. 
  • 7. Vaporfly’s upper portion is made of __________ .
  • 8. Runner’s last chance to qualify in Olympics trials was held in _________. 



Do the following statements agree with the information given in the passage answer in YES / NO / NOT GIVEN


9. Runners winning in 3 achievements did not wear Vaporfly Shoes.

10. Vaporfly can increase the ability of a runner and help them to win the race against opponents of similar caliber.

11. Through Sponsorship, an athlete gets a chance to become brand ambassadors of the company.

12. Arbe mentioned that he will switch sponsors and they are in a discussion with Nike.

13. Craft allowed Puzey to wear his desired set of footwear.

14. Vaporfly is designed to reduce energy per footfall.

15. Nike made their shoes in bright green and pink colors to spot running people from a distance. 

16. World Athletics organization conducted research and mentioned that Vaporfly may have an unfair advantage.






  1. 1. 4% 
  2. 2. MACK TRUCK
  4. 4. 4.2%
  5. 5. ALPHAFLY(S)
  6. 6. SOLES
  8. 8. ATLANTA
  9. 9. NO
  10. 10. YES
  11. 11. NOT GIVEN
  12. 12. NO
  13. 13. YES
  14. 14. YES
  15. 15. YES
  16. 16. NO





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